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Submersible mixers


The submersible mixers of the DRX line have a wide range of application including homogenizing process in sewage treatment plant, water treatment, industrial and zootechnical applications.

ApplicationsMax permissible
flow in m³
Treatment of phosfate150
Crust preventionvariable according to the type of liquid
Ice preventionvariable according to the liquid temperature
Cooling of basins150
Chemical liquid mixing variable according to the type of liquid
Storm water treatment180
Sewerage treatment25

Technical data

Impeller Ad elica, diametri: 200mm – 280 mm
Performance Flow: 200N – 350N
Power 1,1 – 2,5 kW
Main componentsCast iron GG25

Flow range

campo di spinta drx


2 blades propeller with inclination angle at 16°, designed to ensure the best efficiency and thrust.

The special deflector ring prevents fibrous material and solids from entering in contact with the mechanical seal thus avoiding blockage problems.

The fixing bracket has been conceived to ensure high flexibility in installation and use. Maximum admissible rotation +/-15°.

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