Pumps for residential home use

The range is suitable for pumping and handling all domestic and residential sewage liquids.

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pompa bic

electropumps with twin channel impeller


The BIC series is used to pump clear water or light sewage. High hydraulic performance renders this series particularly suited to pumping rainwater, surface water, groundwater, lakes and rivers.

Technical data

ImpellerTwin channel impeller
Flanged output G 1″1/4 – G1″1/2 – G”2
PerformanceHmax 18m, Qmax 47 m³/h
Power0,28 – 2,2 kW
Main componentsCast iron GG25
ATEX certification

Performance Overview

Data sheet


With double Mechanical Seal in oil chamber
Motor side: Carbon/Ceramic (CA/CE/Viton)
Impeller side: Silicon carbide (SIC/SIC/Viton)
Inspectional oil chamber

For the correct operating of the float switch on the three-phase version (only up to 1,5kW).

The BIC PRO and A 50/2/110 C.225-226 series with explosion proof available on request.

0477EPT 17 ATEX 2701 X
II 2GEx db IIB T4 Gb
Ex h IIB T4 Gb
0°≤ Ta ≤40°

Twin channel impeller with strainer. Free passage up to 20×10 mm

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