Pumps for professional and industrial use

The range is suitable for pumping and handling urban wastewater, rainwater and groundwater, this application includes Hotels, shopping centres, airports, sports facilities and schools.

pump detail

pompa DNA

electropumps with Vortex impeller


The DNA Series is used for sewage and waste water. Its wide channel permits the free passage of solids rendering it particularly useful in water treatment plants, domestic, municipal and farming applications. The 4 pole version can be used applications where continuous S1 service is needed and are characterised by their quiet operation

Technical data

Impeller Vortex
Flanged output DN50-65-80
Performance Hmax 21m, Qmax 57,6 m³/h
Power 0,9 – 2,2 kW
Versions Monophase/Threephase
Main components Cast iron GG20

Performance Overview

campo prestazione dna

Data sheet


Excellent lubrication of the mechanical seals even in the harshest pumping conditions. Inspectional oil chamber.

For the correct operating of the float switch on the three-phase version, up to 1,5 kW 2 poles. ATEX excluded.

Full free passage of solids.

Pumps with explosion proof available on request

0477EPT 17 ATEX 2701 X
II 2GEx db IIB T4 Gb
Ex h IIB T4 Gb
0° ≤ Ta ≤ 40°

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