Pumps for civil drainage and purification

The range is designed and built to be used in all demanding applications, where reliability plays the most important role.

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S-Flow double channel impeller


The DNB series is used for pumping and draining clear liquid and sewage. The special S-Flow channels impeller permits the passage of short solid fibrous and is particulary suitable for wastewater and sewage treatment plants. The 4 poles versions can be used in application where continue S1 service is needed and are characterized by their quiet operation.

Technical data

ImpellerS-Flow double channel
Flanged outputDN65-80
PerformanceHmax 23m, Qmax 60 m³/h
Power0,8 – 2,2 kW
VersionsMonophase and Threephase
Main componentsIron cast GG20

Performance Overview

campo prestazione dnb

Data sheet


For the correct operating of the float switch on the three-phase version, up to 1,5 kW 2 poles. ATEX excluded.

Giranti S-flow

The Superior efficiency of the S-Flow Impeller guarantees excellent performances, with wide solid bodies passage and with low power pumps.

Pumps with explosion proof available on request.

0477EPT 17 ATEX 2701 X
II 2GEx db IIB T4 Gb
Ex h IIB T4 Gb
0°≤ Ta ≤40°

Excellent lubrication of the mechanical seals even in the harshest pumping conditions. The presence of a lip seal ensure the maximum seal in case of oil leakage.

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