Pumps for professional and industrial use

The range is suitable for pumping and handling urban wastewater, rainwater and groundwater, this application includes Hotels, shopping centres, airports, sports facilities and schools.

pump detail

Pompe Grinder


Series with suction grinding system, the reduced size of the pump combined with an efficient grinding system, makes the series flexible and effective.
Ideal for sewage with filamentous and fibrous bodies. Available with ATEX certification (for use with liquids in explosive atmospheres)
Flanged outlets

Technical data

Impellercon sistema di triturazione
Flanged output(G2″) DN50
PerformanceHmax 25m, Qmax 22 m³/h
Power0,9 – 2,2 kW
VersionsMonofase e Trifase
Main componentsGhisa GG25
ATEX certification

Performance Overview

Data sheet


La pompa monta in aspirazione un sistema di triturazione a taglio assiale, i coltelli in acciaio indurito, garantiscono sempre la massima efficienza di taglio.

Pressacavo pressofuso in acciaio inox, conforme alle
normative: ATEX EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1 con linguetta
anti-strappo. Standard su tutta la serie.

Tutta la serie è disponibile con certificato ATEX su richiesta

0477EPT 17 ATEX 2701 X
II 2GEx db IIB T4 Gb
Ex h IIB T4 Gb
0°≤ Ta ≤40°

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