Dreno Pompe SpA

Dear Customers and Suppliers, This is to inform you that with effect from 14.11.2023 the legal form and company name of our Company changes from Dreno Pompe S.r.l. to Dreno Pompe S.P.A.Please note that the registered office, tax code and VAT number, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and website remain unchanged.We therefore invite you to proceed with the […]

Discontinued items notice

Dear customer,please be advised that we are discontinuing the following items effective March 1 st 2023. VT 100/4/240 C. 370VT-EX 100/4/240 C. 370 VT 100/4/240 C. 375VT-EX 100/4/240 C. 375 VT 100/4/240 C. 380VT-EX 100/4/240 C. 380

A bright new chapter

As you might have heard, in January 2022 Industrial Flow Solutions acquired Dreno Pompe Srl. During this first year, we worked hard to understand the business and to make sure we could guarantee continuity, plus start planning the future. Maybe not all went as smooth as hoped (we did experience some delay in delivery due […]