Dreno Box

The Dreno Box pumping station finds its ideal use in those applications where the main sewr is located at higher level Tank in polyethylene (PE), maximum operating temperature + 40°C. Available with capacities of 200 and 600 liters.

Capacity 100 - 600 liters

Non return ball check valves

The non return ball check valves is used to prevent backflow inside the a pipe Body valve in Cast Iron GG25, self cleaning rubber ball

Accessories for fixed installation

Feet of quick coupling for fixed installation. These mounts provide a good positioning of the pump inside the cockpit. DN available from DN50 to DN150. Made in Cast Iron GG25.

Automatic coupling foot Type A

Automatic coupling foot Type B

Automatic coupling foot DUTY

Automatic coupling foot EASY

Accessories for mobile installation

For transportable installations of pumps Foot support, Flanged hose connection, Threaded coupling flange, Handle in stainless steel.

Mobile Installation